November 23, 2008

Making a case for RWD rally cars.

You may have seen the clip from last week's episode of TopGear where James May gets driven around Finnish forests by Mikka Hakkinen in his Mercedes 190 16v rally car. No offense to Scooby and Evo owners but that just looks right. Maybe a way to bring the WRC back to life would be to have only two driven wheels....

Also Axis fully endorses a mandatory six hours of skid pad for anyone getting a drivers license! That is fantastic..

Top Gear - Mika Hakkinen



  1. Sweet. So the lesson is to teach all new drivers Finish style.

  2. I happened to randomly catch just this part of the episode on TV while waiting for the football to start Wednesday night and I thought this was absolutely fantastic.
    And I totally agree about the RWD rally cars - and I'm a Scooby owner! The stipulation should be that TWO wheel means REAR wheel - otherwise we'll end up with faggotwheeldrive all over the place. Fine for junior forumlae but at the top level...

    I recently had the chance to go rallying in a Group N Scooby and and old Mark 2 Escort.
    The Escort was fantastic run, though obviously not as quick. If I was going to go rallying full time (I wish) I'd definitely be choosing the Escort :)

  3. Somewhere on the web there is a fantastic clip of an e30 rally car, somewhere in the UK or Ireland, can't remember but it's spectacular.

    Bring back Porsche and Ferrari rally cars!

  4. I swear, the more I see of Mikka Hakkinen post McLaren, the happier the guy looks.

    Also, as a bonus, I now know what "sisu" means (always wondered, never knew).

  5. The E30 rally video you speak of is . . .

    Patrick Snyers driving brilliantly in the Manx rally with a delightful E30.

  6. That's the one, goose bumps every time I watch it!.


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