November 22, 2008

The best lap CG never did at VIR: Porsche 997 GT2 2:06

CG was at VIR yesterday and set us this video illustrating Traqmate Studio's "Theoretical Best Lap" feature. The software will take the video from your session's best segments and paste them together. (which is why you see cars appear and disappear!)

You are riding in a Porsche 997 GT2 and CG reported the track was very cold and grip was marginal. He also is not a fan of the OEM version of the Michelin Pilot Cup tires. The car still needs sorting as it understeers too much in the slower turns. However power is certainly is not lacking when he can put it down, I see a 156 mph (251km/h) on the main straight. That's about 20 mph faster than Stee's old e46 M3. His actual times Friday were in the 2:07 range.

Below is a graph comparing speeds between different cars and track days at VIR:

Red and Blue: CG GT2 (2:07s)

Black: Matt Becker (Lotus test driver/engineer) in CG's Exige S 2:11.9

Green: CG Exige S 2:13

Cyan: Stee M3 2:17

As CG commented (having been in the car with him) Becker is still the king of the "esses" his speed through that tricky section is just phenomenal.

VIR Speed plot

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  1. Ive seen the best theoretical lap in data acquisition software (I use Race Technologies DL1) but to have it in the video feed is a great feature.

    The 'best' lap could be used to aid in the mental programming preparation for the next lapping day/race.

    Very cool.

  2. yes, it's quite good. The Traqmate software will also scroll the video as you look at the data graphs so that you can have a visual reference. I find that very useful.

  3. WTF happened to the yellow Porsche at 1,19?


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