November 15, 2008

The Origin of the Species

The phenomenal response to the post-Darwinian antics of that determined French Rallyiste had me engine bay driving a prerequisite part of the rally driver's skill set?

Apparently so, here is Juha Kankkunen at some point during the 80's or early 90's.

The mere hood configuration of the Lancia Delta Integrale makes the exercise that much more complex yet, nothing stops rally drivers...nothing!


  1. I can't remember exactly who it was, but a WRC driver back in the late 90's broke a throttle cable on a stage and just began to yell "boot laces! give me your boot laces!"

    His solution was to run this shoe laces out of the cockpit and under the hood and to continue on like that...

    Its true, they won't stop!


    "Giulietta Sprint with broken throttle video

    When you take an old car out on a tour or rally far from civilization, you have to be prepared to either figure out a way to limp home, leave your car and go borrow a truck and trailer, or pay a big towing bill. I’m not saying old cars are inherently unreliable, it’s just that, if like me, you do a lot of the work on your cars yourself, this preparedness is a simple admission that your skills have their limits.

    The guys in this video hopefully got the McGuyver trophy if they didn’t win."

    Another one.


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