October 23, 2008

Alonso helps Massa in Brazil.

Attention...this post contains humor....Hamiltonistas can relax!
This is how Spanish fans picture el Milagro de Interlagos

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  1. Amusing video... But I don't see any need for Alonso to be involved. Here is what Ferrari could do:

    1) Load Kimi extremely light on fuel in Q3 to make sure he gets P1.
    2) Keep Massa on a normal fuel strategy.
    3) Hamilton will likely beat Massa to take P2.
    4) Hamilton won't be able to help himself at the start and will try to force a pass on Kimi early in the first lap much like in Japan.
    5) Kimi "doesn't see Hamilton" late braking/blowing the corner down the inside and turns into him, taking Hamilton out of the race.
    6) Massa wins the race and championship.

    The only potential issue with this plan is Massa's tendency to crumble under pressure. Even with Hamilton out of the race, if someone can pressure Massa, he'll blow it. Then again, Kovalainen sucks, Alonso has already said he will help Massa win, and BMW has fallen off the pace and is focused on next year... so it really could work.


    funny part is that all audio is real .... HAHA


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