October 23, 2008

Fxx at the Nürburgring

Continuing our series on Global Tracktards, lets join another Italian legend, Manuma and his FXX, on the Nürburgring GP track.
Awesome sounds from this black monster.  

Couple of things strike me about this clip: the car is a beast, no question there but they must have some pretty strict passing rules for that FXX track day program and there is some really dodgy driving by some of the other cars...the concept of "apex" seems a bit vague at times!

Finally, I was surprised by the braking distances. I understand it's hard to judge the approach speed from the video and perhaps I have been watching too many F1 onboards lately, but he seems to be getting off the gas awful early. There is one lap in the 2:04 range, I tried to find lap times to compare but had little luck other than F1 lapping at 1:30 or so.  Seems most races there use the shorter 3.1km layout. I did find the results for a historic Group C race and there on the 5.1km track a Porsche 962C lapped in 1:52...  In any case, all nitpicking,  turn up the volume and enjoy the awesome sounds from this special car.

Video after the jump

Fxx at the Nürburgring from Axis Of Oversteer on Vimeo.


  1. Yeah this guy is slow, letting up way to early and not pushing hard enough on corner exit.

  2. Well, I don't know about "slow" but it certainly seems like there is plenty more to be had there if someone was brave enough :o)

  3. Raise your hand if you want to see schumi's onboard...

  4. Sounds awesome but I can honestly say I'd rather have an Enzo or 430 Scuderia. It seems like this car demands you either go for it in every corner or else drive like it's a muscle car; tiptoe through the turns, hammer it on the straights, repeat.
    The pricetag no doubt influences the driving style.
    I would get restless after about 3 laps.

  5. ...just another scared group of choads afraid to get off the racing line in their F430s and FXXs. Honestly I'd rather see a bunch of spec miatas or spec e30s going at it then these half ass SMG drivers pretending to race!

  6. Is that a nav screen on his dash?

    And for the love of god, it looks like it's showing some sort of video ...

  7. Tony, I think that's his rear-view mirror.


  8. you would think with all that money and technology they could get the windshield wiper to park ;-)

  9. IIRC, Vertical is a lower drag config than parked.


  10. That's correct, the FXX has no traditional mirrors

  11. Hey, give the guy a break. How many people have driven a car weighing 2500lbs with 800hp?

    That kind of power is not easy at all to utilize or control unless your a top level driver. It's really easy to comment from the sidelines, until you do it though you have no idea.

    $ is a big issue too aha. Thats a house! Many people struggle in a 20hp go kart let alone an 800hp rocket ship converted to road use. Shi* a lot of people struggle at electric indoor karting tracks.

    Ben...I don't think you really get it. I would love to see someone like you strap into something like this. Take a shifter kart to a track and you'll start to get the picture.

    Why would anyone take an F430 over the FXX? That's like saying you'd rather have a hot middle aged woman than two college girls in your shower. ahahaha. Maybe its just me but, I know which pair I'd prefer.

    If you have to ask why, you probably don't understand to begin with.

    Not to sound like a di** or anything, but a vehicle like the FXX is meant for the automotive equivalent of a cold blooded killer. Say one thing wrong to it and it'll murder you right where you stand, no questions asked.

  12. If you guys couldn't get ur rocks off to this video, maybe this link will provide a significant contribution to your mechanical spank bank:

    AC post it up if you could on the main page since it's worth a look...

    I actually just realized it's the same guy. The video here might have been a track he was unfamiliar with cause...this guy is no slouch ya dig?


    Holy Fu**

  13. Axis has featured FXX #28 since 2005. It's one of only two originally delivered all black with the other being Schumacher's!

    FXX 28 videos

  14. Chris: the FXX is NOT road legal, possibly the world's most expensive track day weapon and as such, delivers fully on it's promise.

    Criticism is that it's just an expensive toy and that there is no racing with it. This is true but even for that money look at what it delivers:
    You have a level of performance beyond even FIA GT cars.
    You get full Ferrari factory support.
    You get to hang with Schumacher.
    And when you are done you can sell the car pobably for more than you paid for it! All you needed was the steep entry fee and more crucially, the connections to even have the opportunity to buy an FXX!

    "Manuma" is certaily a guy who drives his cars with flair and abandon and certaily better than the others you see in the video, he's get great Axis tracktard marks, even if he brakes early :o)

  15. Go ahead and brake early dude, the Freep's not gonna judge you harshly.


  16. Well put Chris.
    I'm sure almost all of the FXX owners can crash the car and total it and walk away with a minor dent to their fortunes; but that doesn't mean they need to drive on the verge of loosing control at 11/10ths all the time.

    ...and the more power, the more difficult it is to drive at that limit. Throttle position becomes a major factor compared to the binary on/off switch of a low hp "momentum" car (I don't believe in the "momentum" car theory. In any car you want/have to take the corners as fast as you can to be make the fastest lap... don't confuse that with changing the race-line to get as much power down on exit)

  17. fun thread, thanks for the comments everyone.


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