September 3, 2008

Super SUGO!

Sporting enough graphics to make a NASCAR broadcast look minimalist and looking like a cross between a reality and one of those famous sadistic Japanese game shows, here is the recent Super GT race from Sugo.

At around 12 minutes when the leading Lexus has trouble firing up, one of the drivers looks more like someone had sneaked some nasty red peppers in his drink bottle.

Another amusing gimmick is an incar shot which fast forwards over the boring parts... All in all, this is very fun to watch even if you don't understand one word. 

Highly recommended entertainment from the land where even Ferrari 430 GT and Porsches GT3's are are made to look like they are out of a manga cartoon!

Sugo Super GT from Axis Video on Vimeo.

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  1. The driver who is pissed is ex-drifter, Manabu Orido. He also co-hosts with Keiichi Tsuchiya in the Best Motoring series.

  2. I guess GT300 is a lower class like GT here in the states? How can, what looks to be, an old Toyota GT-1 be in the lower class? It was passed by a 350z for pete sake. Why deform a beautiful ferrari? I barely recognized the car. Odd racing series. Thanks for the video, very interesting to watch

  3. yes, there are 2 classes in SuperGT (formerly known as JGTC before 2005). GT500, you are limited to 500hp and almost unlimited chassis and suspension modifications; then GT300, also limited to 300hp and restricted chassis and suspension mods compared to GT500 class.

    That toyota gt-one looking car is designed by Mooncraft and was actually made by Riley, the same guys who make daytona prototypes. It's called a Mooncraft Shiden.

    more info on the teams/drivers:


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