September 2, 2008

Michael Schumacher caught speeding.

Someone please give this man a race seat again... he obviously needs his fix.

So now, in his latest escapade, " the world's fastest retiree" was busted for speeding near his hometown of Karpen.

Schumacher was stopped by the Polizei after exceeding a posted 100km/h limit driving, say it ain't so, an Audi convertible. He paid 75 Euros and got three points on his license.

Ah but there is more, German press claims he was caught doing 140km/h in a 100 which by law would have meant he should have gotten his license suspended.

"I'm very sorry, this is something not in my character. Driving fast should only be done on a track" Schumacher, a member of the German Commission for Global Road Safety, is quoted as saying.

I'm just wondering if the cop who stopped him said "Who do you think you are, Michael Schumacher?"


And of course someone was there with a camera.... seriously, can't someone give "Grandpa" Schumacher a race seat? next thing you know he'll be running over puppies!


  1. "I'm just wondering if the cop who stopped him said "Who do you think you are, Michael Schumacher?""

    I recall reading a story in 'The Sun' (Britain's dodgiest tabloid) some years ago, around the time of his world title, or perhaps before, where he was allegedly pulled by the Police and asked "Who do we think we are, sir, Nigel Mansell?" before replying, "No. I'm Damon Hill"

    Love it if that was true...

  2. I recently read Jackie Stewart autobiography where he mentioned that he was once pulled over in britain and asked "Who do you think you are, Jackie Stewart?" :-D

  3. An Audi convertible... ewwww!

  4. Is he seriously driving that POS?...


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