September 28, 2008

Singapore Race Live

As an alternative to your local broadcaster. If you have issues, flushing your browser cookies might help.
We had a problem yesterday with the feed locking up right before the start of Q3. This is out of our control and it could very well be that it will not work at all in the morning...but it looks like it's working at the moment so dig in!
Feed is after the jump.
please let me know with a comment if you are watching.. enjoy.

The race is now over check back soon for highlights....join us again for Fuji.


  1. Stream is working great, thanks!

    Very exciting race, go Kimi!

  2. This is a wonderful service, thanks so much. Where has Kimi been the last few months?

  3. Wow such A GREAT track! So much passing!

  4. oh crap...feed locked up again... bah

  5. The polish feed you linked to yesterday is working, somewhat.

  6. Panasonic Toyota Racing takes a step into the unknown this weekend with the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix. Not only is this the first time the city state has hosted the Formula 1 World Championship, it is also the first time a Grand Prix has been held at night.
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