September 27, 2008

Massa's crucial pole

Massa came through once again with a fantastic lap,  a full 6/10th over Hamilton who looked rather nervous for the whole session.   

In the highlight clip below I put part of Massa and Hamilton's final lap together.  You can clearly see a big mistake by Lewis when he loses the rear under braking and misses the apex by miles,   Massa is just gone from then on.  

It's interesting, Hamilton attacks the curbs more yet it looks like his Mclaren is not working quite as well as it usually does over the bumps.   Massa drove a cleaner line and really looked impeccable.    

The question inevitably will be fuel loads.  Let's see if Q2/Q3 deltas reveal anything.  

Massa was about 8/10th slower in Q3, Hamilton was only 4/10 slower,  Raikkonen a full 1.4 seconds slower about the same as Kubica, Kovalainen and Heidfeld.   So Massa and Hamilton light and the rest of the top runners with a bunch more laps in their tanks.

Given Lewis made that mistake and that it would be logical to do anything to get your #1 driver on pole here,  I would say Hamilton is on the same strategy as Massa but will have to start on the dirty side tomorrow.   If Raikkonen gets in front of him at the start he might have a very long day.

Sad for Alonso,  he really could have been right up there even if he would have had only enough fuel for 8 laps.

Keep an eye on those safety cars!

See you tomorrow!

Singapore Qualifying from Axis of Video on Vimeo.

And here is the rest of it.


  1. That lap of Massa's was lovely. I'm looking forward to this race, the track is spectacular. Might have to get up to Singapore next year!

  2. I'm afraid it's going to be, like all street tracks, a procession....we'll see, I hope I'm wrong.


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