September 28, 2008

Too clever for their own good.

Here's the thing, we don't know for a fact if Ferrari's latest disaster was human or machine error but what is clear is that Ferrari's Robo-Lollypop does not allow the team to recover. Mistakes can happen but check out Red Bull's botched stop, same problem as Massa except that the lollypop man was able to recognize the mistake (or malfunction) and stop DC before it was a huge disaster.

Sometimes engineers can get a bit too clever I think. In this case Ferrari may very well have handed a mistake free Mclaren the championship.

And that's without even going into this business of releasing the cars every time Adrian Sutil enter the pits... that's getting to be comical, like DC and accidents this year!

And here is the rest of it.


  1. yeah, a total disaster ... total ...


  2. The only thing that will prevent this sort of thing is requiring, by interlock mechanical means, that the car be jacked-up while refuling. When the fuel probe is in, the car is up. The car is not dropped until the probe is out.

    Thanks to Ryan Hunter-Rey (sp?) for the idea.

  3. What a joke that is, I mean really. How much do you gain by having an electronic system as opposed to a human one?

    Ferrari might have just screwed themselves out of a WDC.

  4. The Axis is an equal opportunity critic... I'm just pointing out that when Ferrari screws up, we point make note of it as we do when anyone else (no names in particular) screws up.


  5. do you guys realize that there have been five or six Ferrari Sutil incidents this season?

  6. at the very end of the video I saw a Red Bull pit crew member with a oxygen size bottle on his back. What is that bottle for and what is his extinguisher?

  7. @ac at this rate Ferrari owe Sutil a season in a red car lol

  8. and BMW have the quickest stops of all worthy of note


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