August 4, 2008

Lewis Hamilton is still a tool.

Felipe Massa made Lewis Hamilton eat his words.

After the German GP, where Mclaren had a much faster car, Hamilton derided the Brazilian he had easily passed on track with this:

"He didn't defend very well, all I know is that if it was the other way around then he wouldn't have got past."

After the Hungarian GP and Massa's humiliating pass on the outside he hemmed and hawed.

"I had one of my best ever starts but Felipe had an even better one. I covered my ground on the inside. He locked up and then turned, I thought we were going to touch, so I slowed down even more. But he still pulled it off and I lost a place. It won't happen again,"

And people wonder why so many dislike Hamilton?


  1. " I thought we were going to touch, so I slowed down even more. But he still pulled it off and I lost a place. It won't happen again,"

    It won't happen again? From his own words Hamilton claims Massa only got around because Hamilton was scared their cars were going to touch. So what will Hamilton do differently next time? Crash into Massa to teach him a lesson?

    Hamilton is a tool and I hate seeing him win. But that unflinching "I can do no wrong" attitude is a quality found in many of the all time greats.

  2. What an arrogant kid. No wonder I don't like him

    He ain't the Messiah!

  3. Not to defend Hamilton at all 'cause I think he's said some really tool-ish things in the past, but I read this particular comment as: "Masa pulled off a move I didn't think he could. I underestimated him and it won't happen again."

    Am I crazy, or just stupid? ;)

  4. i think hamilton needs to put his head down, and concentrate on driving, than being around those hip-hop ppl.

  5. Almost all of the greats were a little cocky and arrogant. The only problem that Hamilton has is that in this day and age every comment he makes is micro analyzed by fleets of bloggers and then judged by millions of faceless people who will instantly judge a person's merit from a few sentences.

    This is a sport. The competitors will compete with each other on and off the track. Enjoy the rivalry.

  6. Ja! you guys are Ham haters.

  7. Who said we don't have fun?

    I think it's fine if Hamilton wants to belittle his rivals, I have no issue with that at all, he just hass to live up to it. Remember this is the same guy who after he plowed into Raikkonen in Montreal claimed he had not made any mistakes. So it's nice to see him hoisted on his own petard, as it were, after Hungary!

  8. hoopjones, i couldnt have said it better myself.

  9. The greatest drivers usually accept that they make mistakes and actually put their hand up occasionally.

    Plus Lewis isnt an all-time great yet - so far hes just a championship runner-up which doesn't mean squat

  10. To be a great driver, one must have a good car, the opportunity, the skill and... the class. No, Lewis is not there yet.

    If Lewis was a Fin who can't speak English, there would be less coverage in the media.

    Compare Lewis' driving to Heikki and Piquet, I'm sure Lewis is on top of new drivers in F1. (Yes, Kubica is good and quite)

    I don't have a count on on-track mistakes. I wonder if Massa made more.

    Talk about class, you think Alonso is a classy great driver? He's good and he'll be back with a good car, but what he did in 07 is a "NO NO".

    So, let's shut up and watch the race. It has been joyful in these two seasons, isn't it?

  11. No offense but you people are racist plain and simple. If he was white blonder hair blue eyes you would think he was great. Shoemaker was always a cocky bitch and people loved him. Did you see the time he cried post race? Weren't you waiting for him to break out in laughter? Of course you were. Shoemaker has run people off the track , started fights and been a general all around asshole and people hang off his nuts like a salty bag of crisps. Last time I looked that Maclaren didn't have an auto pilot.

    Oh yes Alonso is such a weirdo. He must crap himself thinking he is losing out to a black guy.

  12. wow that's an embarrassing comment... Well, let me assure you that if Herr Schumacher had hung from the cieling pretending to be a peacemaking Apollo Pan, he would most certainly have gotten serious flack from the peanut gallery here!


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