August 5, 2008

Alonso, Kubica optioned by Ferrari for 2010.

It's three weeks until the next race in Valencia, silly season is in full swing....

I suppose Alonso and Kubica would make a very strong pair. They are both good at car setup and develpment, both are fluent in Italian, both have lived in Italy earlier in their careers. As an alternative to the current two drivers they are the two strongest drivers available to Maranello and Tuttosport claims options for 2010 have been signed.

Question remains about Alonso next year with the rumored one year deal with Honda. Why Alonso would choose to go to a different team for just one year is a puzzle that could only be explained by a Godzilla sized check.


  1. Why would I team like Ferrari get ride of both of their drivers? I know you said it is silly season but I still had to ask. Seems to far fetched to me.

  2. I think both their contract will be up.


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