August 3, 2008

Let's give it up for Felipe Massa

After his performance at the German GP, we asked if Massa perhaps did not have it in him to go wheel to wheel with the best or if he was mature and clever enough to not fight a battle he knew he could not win.

Today in Hungary he answered that question as he stunned Lewis Hamilton with a pass reminiscent of another famous move by a Brazilian on someone with a yellow and green helmet...

Hamilton was already being crowned Champion, certainly by ITV's commentators, but nothing really went according to script. After that fist lap move Mclaren had nothing for Massa's speed. Hamilton could not hang on, certainly Kovalainen was not especially competitive.

What happened to Massa must have been brought on by a delayed reaction Force India curse, except they got the wrong car. After a perfect race, to have the engine go with 3 laps left is just heart braking.
Hamilton was once again lucky in his misfortune, the tire did not deflate when it was loaded, he was able to keep it on the track and limp back to the pits.

Raikkonen ended up with fast lap of the race and you have to wonder why he hasn't been able to get it together in qualifying. He gave it a good try at the start but Kubica squeezed him against the wall and he got lost in the shuffle. He was massively faster than Alonso once he finally got around him but by then it was too late.

Great race for Glock and Toyota who are now ahead of BMW (who might have switched to developing the 2009 car)

I think Brazilian commentary is appropriate in this case.


  1. A cruel result. Massa drove brilliantly and earned the top step perhaps as much as anytime in his career.

  2. he really did, he was brilliant and I think he really stunned Hamilton who was already counting his chickens.

  3. I really want to hear those ITV guys scream, could you add the video? I couldn't find one on youtube...

  4. i weep for massa
    the only guy im rooting for to stop hamilton from winning the championship

  5. "Abusado, Ousado" ... = "Cocky and Audacious" should be the more real translation since the literal makes not much sense .. I love it, Massa did show some balls ... good reality check for Ham ....

  6. Brazilian, American and Mexican are 3 languages that doesn't exist.

    Love your blog tho.

  7. But Brazilian TV commentary most certainly does! :0)


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