August 3, 2008

Hungarian GP...Massa stuns Ham at start but then...

Looks like the usual source for the live stream is not working today
Massa made an incredible start, he must have studied the classic 1986 Piquet-Senna duel because he dispatched Hamilton on the outside of turn one. Great stuff, ITV commentators in total shock!
But then...

Hamilton has a puncture on the front left, luck smiles on him again as the next corner was a left which meant the damaged tire was unloaded.

Massa, three laps to go...what heartbreak.
Toyota and Renault have passed BMW as "best of the rest"
Heikki showed that if you are still running at the end you can get lucky.
Kimi showed that he's much better awake than asleep.


  1. That was amazing, to bad Massa car gave up, what a show Massa, he was really really aggressive and driving a perfect race .... oh well, @ least showed us all that Louis is not unbeatable ...

  2. Hamilton always will have "punctures" at the end of the stint because when he is loaded his tires are fresh.

    I don't believe these punctures are nails but the way he (mis)treats his front wheels. No matter what Peter Windsor says.

  3. Certainly Bridgestone seems to hint that flatspots were at least a contributing factor.


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