July 15, 2008

Racers, do you need sponsors?

We received a press release I thought might actually be of real interest to those Axis readers who are racers.

Basically it's something like a Google adsense for race cars, you put your free space up for sale and advertisers can bid on the fender real estate. Kind of cool if it works especially for small teams. Certainly worth a look I think.

Quarter Panel Media web site.

Quarter Panel Media Launches 'Advertise-On-A-Race-Car' Marketplace

QuarterPanelMedia.com - instantly purchase decal space (all of those stickers on the sides of race cars) with the push of a button.

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) July 15, 2008 -- QuarterPanelMedia.com is an online motorsports sponsorship marketplace, offering potential advertisers the chance to instantly purchase decal space (all of those stickers on the sides of race cars) with the push of a button.

Currently, the process of finding and buying motorsports sponsorship opportunities is difficult. First, a business has to find a race team web site and then, find sponsorship information on that site. Not an easy task since a lot of teams don't have web sites, few display sponsorship information, and even fewer, if any, offer an instant purchase option. Quarter Panel Media hopes to change this by offering an easy-to-use, online environment.

Also, a lot of race teams only offer sponsorships for an entire season or a large portion of a season. Race teams are missing out on single-race sponsorship dollars from the smaller businesses in the vicinity of individual race tracks - an advertising option that makes sense to businesses wanting to reach local audiences.

For potential advertisers, Quarter Panel Media provides the information needed to make informed decisions. "We offer the who, where, what, and how - including the series, teams, drivers, dates, locations, decal positioning, decal dimensions, who supplies what, and most importantly, the costs. We package this information and serve it online - providing an intuitive means of finding motorsports sponsorship opportunities by location, cost, and race date," says Founder and President of Quarter Panel Media, Alex Covert.

For race teams, Quarter Panel Media provides a marketplace to quickly and easily sell available decal space. "By making it easy for potential advertisers to sponsor race teams, we are, in effect, making it easier for teams to sell it. Plus, it allows race teams to connect with the smaller, local businesses that drive the communities in which every race track is a part."

It is Quarter Panel Media's intention to streamline the motorsports sponsorship industry and open it up to race teams and businesses of all sizes. As part of this transformation, Quarter Panel Media plans to become a champion for the motorsports sponsorship industry - promoting and convincing potential advertisers of the benefits of sponsoring race teams.

Quarter Panel Media is an online marketplace to buy and sell motorsports sponsorship opportunities (decals) on race cars, karts, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and more.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT: http://www.quarterpanelmedia.com

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