July 15, 2008

Awesome M3

In case you missed it elsewhere, BMW-Sauber-F1 published this video of the Motorsport M3's first track outing. Good marketing from BMW who can tie an M car to F1 again after getting kind of screwed by the V10 to V8 change in 2006....

Fantastic looking car, I might even forgive BMW for not ever campaigning the Z4 Motorsport in the US.


  1. It will be a bit of a bummer to see it in Rahal colors instead of the PTG livery with Auberlen or Boris Said or even Joey Hand behind the wheel. That being said, I look forward to interesting ALMS and ADAC 24h Nurburgringracing next year.

  2. i would be shocked if this car doesn't win practically everything it enters. wow! an amazing car.

  3. A lot will depend on how much Porsche protests. If they are able t convince ALSM that there is such a thing as a 4 liter 997 running around in the real world then they can do anything!


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