July 16, 2008

The other Daytona

Iso-Rivolta Daytona Nembo

Iso Rivolta, was a company from Bresso, just outside of Milano. ISO started with refrigerator motors, then motorcycles. After WW II they designed and built the Isetta which was later licensed most famously by BMW. This allowed Renzo Rivolta to build some fantastic cars with that tried and true philosophy, a great chassis with a reliable GM drivetrain. Giotto Bizzarrini designed the chassis, Corvette suppled the engine, a sweet combination and now, as a classic, probably much easier to live with than a Ferrari V12.

This particular car was a one off "fuoriserie"commissioned in 1965 by Carlo Bernasconi who kept it for the next twenty five years. Now it's in the United States and regularly seen at classic car events.

It has a "superleggera" body construction by Nembo (Neri e Bonaccini, Modena) and it was a perfect dual use car. Drive to the track, use the about 400 bhp to embarras some Ferraris, drive home in leather lined luxury!

Iso-Rivolta eventually collapsed in the mid seventies but the Rivolta family is now based in Florida where they continue to manage their real estate holdings and build exquisite yatchs.

You can find more information on the Iso Daytona on this PDF

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