July 17, 2008

GT2 Monster

It's here... come take a quick look....

CG's latest toy was finally ready to be picked up yesterday. It had been shipped from the dealer directly to Farnbacher-Loles for alignment and the installation of a few suspension bits. It will also be getting rear seat installed as this has to be sensible family transportation after all!

Awesome in white, the car is all wings and angles and bulges (hence the cubist photos on the intro). I would say the only disappointment is that it does not come with an inflatable Walter Röhrl instructor in the boot. Even on the careful drive home, a quick comparison between the GT2 and the not exactly slow 997S illustrated perfectly the difference between a great car and a SUPERCAR.

I seriously doubt CG will not succumb to temptation so you might see him and the GT2 tomorrow at the PDA/NASA Pocono track day. Catch him if you can and come back to Axis of Oversteer for future updates and videos!

More pictures here...

Monster! from Axis of Oversteer.com *** on Vimeo.


  1. CG, congrats on the new ride.. Last time I saw you you were autoxing the Type-R.. I hope to see you guys at the track sometime. I told Adil, I drive out the Lotus to the track so he can have the 997 and Lotus to play with..


  2. Wow...I guess I didn't realize how lucrative the Axis blog really was!! : )

    Enjoy the beast!

  3. The Freep is excited and then some. Love the rear diffuser.


  4. If Axis was lucrative we'd all be chasing CG in something more competitive! :o)

  5. Those photo-chop mosaics are better looking than the actual car. More please!

  6. Shows us the mod! Show us the mod! ;)

  7. THE mod is not yet in. Tune-in in one week.
    The car is insanely fast, but it is really drivable and gives tons of feedback.
    4th gear pulls like 2nd gear in a good car!
    Handling is superb, just like a GT3 but probably more stable the faster you go.

    8/22 -8/23 The Glen wiht PCA. Can't wait to go Cup Car chasing!

  8. awesome, can't wait to see it on the track. we are waiting for sub 2 min at watkins.

  9. Dear Axis Staff,

    That video was weak sauce. A GT2 on shaky cam in traffic!! and not even any WOT?

    Please remedy in future content.



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