July 11, 2008

Quest for the 'Ring continues...

No rest for the weary, the hunt for the King of the 'Ring crown is always on.
If you consider an Ultima GTR to be a street production car (you're really have to be British to even entertain that line of thought with a straight face) then there is a strong new contender for a sub-seven minute lap of the Nordschleife...

The current "street car" record belongs to the Radical SR8 with 6 minutes 55 seconds. Arguably the Ultima GTR is much more of a street car than the Radical, it runs on Kumho street tires and I think you can even spec a radio... Ultima Sports recon the car is good enough to beat Radical's time.

The GTR is powered by a 720 bhp Chevrolet built by American Speed in Illinois and has a top speed (gearing limited) of 231 mph.

Ultima was all set to give it a try earlier in the month but had to forfeit due to bad weather. When they finally go for it, I'm sure Dale at BTG will let us know first.


  1. I thought the SR8 did a 6:45 ?

  2. No, I think it's 6:55. I Imagine that was with r. compound tires.


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