July 12, 2008

Rubens Barrichello: first among thirds

When Rubens Barrichello lifted the champagne bottle last Sunday at Silverstone he was obviously ecstatic, was it because he stretched his lead in a very specific Formula 1 trivia category?...

He tied David Coulthard as the man with the fourth most podium finishes with 62. DC and RubiƱo follow Senna with 80, Prost with 106 and Schumacher with 154.

But there is one statistic where Rubens is number one in the annals of Formula 1 history: he is the best ever at coming in third, he did so 27 times!

Rubens Barrichello 27
David Coulthard 23
Gerhard Berger 21
Micheal Schumacher 20
Alain Prost 20
Carlos Reutemann 20
Nelson Piquet 17
Kimi Raikkonen 17
Dennis Hulme 16
Jaques Lafitte 16
Ayrton Senna 16
Eddie Irvine 16

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