July 22, 2008

BMW Procars at Hockenheim

As you may remember reading about here, there was a BMW M1 Procar demonstration before the German Grand Prix this past week end. The first timeProcars have run during a Formula 1 week end since the glory days of Piquet, Senna and Lauda.

Perhaps it was more like quick parade laps but it must have been fantastic to hear all those straight sixes at full song in one place again. Imagine how cool it would be to have today's drivers going at it in equal cars?

More pictures and a clip from the event after the jump....

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  1. Thank SO much for posting this. I wish we got TV coverage of this but that would be asking to much due to living in the states. I was hoping that video would of had sound from the start. Guess I need to go back to your older post to have a listen again. One of my fondest memories as a little boy was playing with my M1 racecar....just a little larger than a matchbox car and it was yellow.

    Thank guys!!!


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