July 22, 2008

The laws of physics are obviously a matter of opinion

...I'm impressed....


  1. Really amazing.

    I am in no way a GTR fanboy (quite the opposite). I still can't believe it is so fast and nimble and heavy.

    Gotta drive one.

  2. I'm surprised.

    This time is surrounded by cars with over 600 Hp, beating the Scuderia, Murcielago LP640 and Carrera GT, while carrying 4,000 lbs.

    Even if this is a ringer press car with 700 Hp, power is nothing without good brakes and suspension.

  3. I'm impressed and the results are great on many different test so I doubt the cars are "ringers".

    Physics are real and What I think is that it has a lot more than 500hp, most likely will KILL the tires in 5+ consecutive hot laps and not sure if the brakes will last that long.

    Being AWD, for sue it can be as rewarding as RWD car. Trick grip management via smart setup and electronics is what makes it really drivable at the limit. Nevertheless sure is freaking fast. Will love to see how the GT2 does in the Stig hands. IMO, it should be at least 3-4 secs faster than GT3.

  4. An interesting factoid from the Top Gear show, I had not read before Lotus was involved in the develpment.

    I would imagine from the squealing on the video that the tire bills for this car will be...monumental!
    In any case, it killed Clarkson!

  5. Fast time = Tires Tires Tires....that's my only way of justifying this time.

    It just simply doesn't add up that a 3900lb car with approx 475hp through awd (higher % power loss) can keep up with a 3200lb Ferrari with 612hp.


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