June 10, 2008


You have to give credit to companies that think way outside the box and this is, way outside the box.  

The Freep and I often discuss this problem of weight reduction vs market demands and how any improvement will require a major leap in manufacturing technology to go beyond what is currently possible. 

I'm not suggesting we'll be driving WW I fighter plane inspired balsa wood and cloth cars any time soon but...Corvette Z06 have Balsa wood floors and now BMW is using this concept vehicle for some very interesting speculation as well as, I'm guessing, to introduce some design cues for the next generation Z4.  

A winking car?   Cute, sure but the idea of less weight and more efficient dynamics and materials is the only logical progression for auto design.


  1. I always imagined Bangle as a smug beardy twat... it's good to know I was pretty accurate :)

  2. Saw that video earlier today. It has been a while since I've been floored by a concept.

    I read somewhere that the concept is approx 10 years old and just now it is being "declassified"

    People love to criticize bangle... I think the guy is brilliant for pushing the envelope.

  3. I'm fairly cynical, but the last time I got excited by a "concept" was when I read Gordon Murray was designing a new lightweight passenger car. This is the future guys, and it's a bright future for those like us who appreciate that less (weight) can be more.

  4. Come on fellas! Open up your minds just a WINK ! The guy is brilliant!


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