June 10, 2008

Hamilton loudly boo'd and Kubika-mania in Montreal

So reports Axis reader Max "the Hounder". Max set us a few shots and this report from the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve:

"Our seats were in the #1 grandstand across from the BMW pits, which was great. Little did we know that the race changing incident with Hamilton would be directly in our line of sight.

After the race the crowd rushed the track and after the podium ceremony, a very large contigentcy of Poles, BMW fans, and Poles who are BMW fans gathered across from the BMW garage stalls shouting "Robert (handclap- wait for it) Kubica", singing the Polish national anthem and even shouting for Dr. Mario Thiesen, shouts for Nick Heidfeld were noticeably absent.

I expected the BMW mechanics would have been shooing them away, but instead they encouraged the fans to shout louder, and after about 45 minutes, they started bringing out bottles of water to these overserved but still thirsty fans.

At the hour mark mechanics threw a hat and some work gloves off to the fans, continuing to stoke the fire.

After about 1 and a quarter hours, Robert came out with his trophy, followed by Nick and Mario. They stayed out for about twenty minutes taking pictures, with the mechanics sharing beers and bottles of champagne.

All in all it was a pretty good race, but it was amazing how fast the crowd turned on LewHam after he hit Kimi. There was a long and loud round of boos coming from the crowd as Lewis walked back from the incident to the McLaren garage."

Thanks Max the Hounder!


  1. Pure comedy, however it did ruin what was looking to be a really good race (Shock! Horror! People were overtaking!). I'm surprised McLaren didn't blame it on the lack of traction control...

  2. Didn't Hamilton stuff Kubica in the lower formula's ?

  3. they only raced each other in 2004 in F3 Euroseries Hamilton was fifth, Kubica seventh. Not sure I'd call that stuff, unless you mean Hamilton stuffed him in the guardrail?

  4. I see. Someone told me the other day they had raced together extensively !

  5. More Hamilton classics incase you missed them.

    "Switzerland is great," the 23-year-old told Reuters.

    "I get up early in the mornings and am able to go for a run down the street to the lake or walk or cycle up the mountains and I never have to think to myself I'm being followed by someone or someone's going to come up to me and ask me for my autograph or something.

    "I'm generally left alone... recently I went to pick up some friends at the airport and they couldn't believe I was just standing there as a normal person. And that's one of the great things about it.

    "That's something I really do enjoy. I'm able to live a normal life."

  6. Having seen swarms of paparazzi in action here in NYC, I will give LH the benefit of the doubt for that one. Being hounded like that is just plain nasty.


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