June 9, 2008

UK press harsh on Ham. Lewis: "I would not call it a mistake"

While Lewis Hamilton scoffs at the ten place penalty handed down by race stewards ("I am not happy about the penalty, but I will come back even stronger. They can throw at me what they like.”), blames Kimi and Kubica for being side by side and claims he did not really make a mistake, for the first time the UK press is critical of Hamilton.

Tabloids had a bit of a field day with comments ranging from the SUN's "Silly Boy" to the more caustic Daily Star who suggested affixing a large "L" to his car. The Daily Telegraph calls him "Crashdummy" and the Daily Mail suggests a strategy for next time "Hint: wait until the lights turn green, Lewis".

But let's hear Hamilton's bizarre post race declarations:

from the BBC Checkered Flag podcast

Note that Hamilton and others claimed Lewis "had it in the bag" when in fact it was not the case at all. He started strong, perhaps on a lighter load and certainly on soft tires but Kubica was catching up and especially Raikkonen was flying once his hard tires came in and in fact scored the fast lap of the race, right before the safety car. Couple that with both those drivers making faster stops than Hamilton and you just have to wonder what race some were watching!


  1. wow, so under no circumstances will the word "mistake" be tolerated, even if there isn't a better one in the guys vocab?

    that's a new one, cheers for that audio :)

  2. The thing that really sucks is that with everyone busy with their glee at LH's asshatery, no one mentioned what a great race he probably ruined...He might have been fastest, Kubica was going to have the lead, and Kimi right in the middle. The little we heard from Kubica on the post race (before FOX cut it at the top of the hour - get F1 of the netwoks please!), indicates that he 'felt' some pressure of the first win at the end of the race. How cool would it have been with Kimi and Hamilton chasing. Could have been one for the ages.

    ..and FWIW - i loved Kubica's win -who cannot love that guy, Mario Theissen, and the Sauber BMW team in general.

  3. Finally, LH's true colors are out in the open for everyone to see...
    No more need to campaign in this regard and save the F1 world from an undeserving F1 self proclaimed hero. From now one LH is his own worst enemy..

  4. I was wondering how long before this turned into "Ferrari's Fault" 1 day impressive.

    Suddenly Hambone barreling down the pit lane with no intent on stopping for the red light is Kimi's fault.

    Brilliant!! And my friends wonder why I am such a defensive Ferrari fan.


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