June 25, 2008


You may have seen this or, more likely, you may have seen clips on news shows with journalists asking the burning questions like "...but if you don't tell people this is fake...".

Right... well, Axis readers are not morons but they do have a sense of humor....

... viral marketing of not, this "documentary" is great, very funny on many levels. If there is a Bucktoothed Bavarians in Lederhosen anti-defamation league (BUBAL), they will finally get to use their letterhead!


  1. I love the US news media and their concern that folks might think that was real...that's the kind of tough journalism that makes America great.

  2. BTW.... I forgot to mention, you'll need a good 15 minutes to watch this...

  3. Yeah, and theres no way to fast forward and no pay off in the end since the car doesnt jump. is this the town Nick Heidfeld gets his teeth from?

  4. yes....It's a bittersweet tale of woe.

    Ah if only the man had not ruined their excellent aerodynamic devices!


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