June 26, 2008

Axis designed Sector 111.5 spoiler

When the brutal forces Adil and CG subjected the Axis-Martini Exige S to proved to be too much for a crucial aerodynamic component, a solution had to be engineered on the spot...

As you know, the Exige body generates a generous amount of downforce, so much so that it proved fatal for the pretty carbon fiber front spoiler CG and Adil had installed on the Axis-Martini Exige toy.

OK, that and the fact that Adil had previously cracked it at an autocross and thought he would cover the crack with a single SCCA sticker. Obviously the speeds at Watkins Glen made the blingy carbon fiber piece fold under and scrape itself into oblivion leaving the car without a chin.

Enter gaffers tape and years of study in a wind tunnel and you have this awesome looking and aerodynamically perfect (it has to be, just look at it) solution. As a bonus point, it proved to be 87% more structurally rigid than the original Lotus part!

Here are a few more pictures from the Group52 track day at the Glen earlier in June.


  1. I still think that helmet is the most badass thing ive seen helmet-wise.

  2. CG now just needs to paint all his cars to match...

  3. Thanks! It took some time to think about the design and a lot of sweet talking to Stand 21 to convince them that it didn't violate the trademark rights of their Porsche only Martini designs.

    AC, The GT2 is white, so with the right amount and colors of gaffers tape we can always count on you to replicate a temporary Martini design in the Porsche for a multiday track event (G52 in October?)

  4. Well, I've always like the Martini Racing livery, even though im stuck in the PC racing league for now,(college first, then racing) I always try to race with or make Martini Racing paint schemes.

  5. Stand21 has Porsche only Martini designs?

    Did you tell them Martini is a Ferrari F1 sponsor this year?

  6. [url]http://www.stand21.fr/porsche/porsche-martini-2.html[/url]


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