June 26, 2008

"There are four drivers better than Hamilton"

So figures Giancarlo Minardi, certainly someone who has seen a driver or two around a race track....

"I think at the moment there are four drivers better than Hamilton" Minardi told a group of journalists " Kubica has not made any errors up to now, his only incident was not his but Nakajima's fault (Melbourne, ed.). Without that incident he would be leading the championship still."

"Alonso is another, he seems to always pull something positive out of a non competitive car, Finally Raikkonen and Massa."

"(Lewis Hamilton)...is clearly talented but he's making some grave errors that show his inexperience and a little nervousness. It will be interesting to see if in the coming Grand Prix he will be able to learn from these negative experiences"

Now those who accuse us of being the first to dare express some doubts about Lewis can direct your hate mail to Faenza.

The UK press has of course slammed poor Lewis to the point where he seems convinced there is a "plot" to get him. Lewis has really only one option now, a good show at Silverstone and if that happens, to simply say "Team was great, thank you, great race...see you in two weeks" and move on.

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