May 5, 2008

Sometimes it's better to Just Go Home. (or not)

Ever get the feeling fate is trying to tell you something? Jorge Lorenzo might have gotten that feeling after what happenend in the first practice for the Chinese MotoGp.  After coming out of a corner a bit too hard and lifting his front wheel where he probably should not, Lorenzo makes the all time highlight reel with this EPIC highside.... You can see what happened to his ankle, probably lucky that's all that was broken.

So that, as our readers pointed out, he even got on the bike to ride the next day is pretty amazing, but check out what had happened the day before:

Most sane men and even a few riders might have packed it in at that point. Not Lorenzo who rode a whole race with a broken ankle and came in fourth. I guess Jorge gets the Iron Man Award as well as that place on the best crashes of all time video!


  1. You guys got the chronology wrong. The highside that broke Lorenzo's ankle happened during practice on Friday. The tank slapper which nearly threw him off the bike a second time happened during qualifying on Saturday.

    So I don't know about "quit while your ahead" but Lorenzo put in a superhuman effort to finish the race, and in a very strong 4th no less...

  2. Wow, then he really should have gone home! That is some stoic stuff from Lorenzo.


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