May 5, 2008

Dude, where's my turn?

We had a slight visibility issue at Pocono East this past Saturday.

CG, Stee and I were there to get in a last little bit of practice before our upcoming trip. You'd think we were in the Westphalian forests...but no, Pennsylvania in May! I was actually hoping for rain but instead we just spent most of the day inside a cloud.

Still, it eventually cleared up enough that you could see the turns and we got some runs in. I had a blast running the MCoupe on street tires in the first session. Pocono East is low speed and twisty, a great place for some douchy sideways action. The MCoupe with my stiff suspension and skinny tires is pretty silly stuff: no front end grip and come to think of it not much rear grip either... weeee.

Later I did put proper rubber on, the video below is my best lap. The Boxster in front is Stee's "Axis Plan A", with the 3.4 carrera engine. Once all issues are sorted, that car is going to be f.great! CG is driving it in the video and as you can tell towards the end, the car is a proper Axis of Oversteer car!

You can download my Traqmate telemetry file HERE

Axis Brilliant Plan action from Axis on Vimeo.

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  1. Yeah, the M Coupe's an awesome car. My dad has one, and you're right about the grip on street tires. Sadly, he hasn't let me drive it yet, haha.


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