May 14, 2008

Ham Dorifto

I think some of you might have the impression we hate Lewis Hamilton. I can assure you that is not really the case, go back to the beginning of last year if you don't believe me. The man has the goods, no question there.

Fair minded fanboys will have to admit however that over the past year Lewis has become a bit of a bloviating egomaniac. Mix this with his obvious false modesty and it makes for an very irritating passive aggressive cocktail. Frankly, we wish Lewis would adopt a more Kimi-esque "Shut Up and Drive" attitude rather than do Peter Pan imitations.

The clip below is spectacular to watch, full opposite lock at over 150 always is, but it is also what Ron Dennis was referring to when he slapped Hamilton for overdriving a car on a light load and not only missing out on the pole but getting beat by his team mate on full tanks.

In the race Hamilton drove well, but then in the post race conference inexplicably blamed Bridgestone for forcing him to do a 3 stop strategy not to mention having been Ferrari's technical partner longer.... Lewis, STFU and drive please.

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  1. Despite everything negative I have said (and will say in the future) about Hamilton, I still nominate this for Axis Clip of the Year.



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