May 14, 2008

Where Michael Got That Marlboro Sponsorship

This never-before-seen clip comes to us by way of an anonymous source in the US racing community (thanks). Shot on a ferry between races in 1992, we see a number of key players from early-Nineties F1, including a nameless virtuoso of active suspension and, as the camera pans right, a young M. Schumacher enjoying a smoke. Quite a flashback. As our source says, “I guess I should’ve smoked more if I wanted to be the best driver in the world.” Enjoy.



  1. Am I seeing things or is Norbert H. sitting accross from Michael eating a banana?

  2. At least until 91 he was under contract to Mercedes, I think.

    So it could very well be a banana eating Norbert there.

  3. I can't see him smoking ?

  4. I don't think it would stand up in court no, but since it came from someone who was there, we have to take it as the bit of MS trivia that it is... :)


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