May 13, 2008

Zaino* this...

We're back, cars were abused but not destroyed, much fun was had by all. I think this picture sums up the spirit of this week end of awesomeness! (and no, we did not just sit around drinking Eifelfeuer!)

Give us time to decompress and remember, we'll post more about our trip over the next few days।

* Zaino... the polish of choice for those who live to polish and then write about it on the internet!


  1. Those crafty Germans!! Now I know why they stick those great big wings on GT3's!

    What an awesome country!

  2. some people people seem to think they are for waxing... I say this is the best way to celebrate a successful day that saw 500'Ring miles on that thing!

  3. It all goes to reinforce another sip from the Porsche Kool-Aid! As JC will say: "What a Machine!!". First time ever in my life that I can say that the brakes performed at 110% ALL the time.

    Basically, it was 60% more distance than your typical F1 race, and that thing performed beautifully! Only gripe is a thirst for $9/gallon liquid and the microwave oven sealed interior (I probably lost 4-5lbs of fluids!).

    Can't wait to come back for more (Hint: 997 Cup will be a really nice add-on to the fleet. Think sequential!)

  4. Holy crap! I don't think I would have survived 500 rings miles of GT3 on my PS2, much less in real life. Very cool.

    Yeah. The go-go juice is a little pricey there, but the driving makes it all worthwhile.

    Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

  5. 500km... AC is still facing jet-lag conversion issues..


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