April 7, 2008

That settles it then...

I'll try to keep a straight face. The UK's Guardian claims it was not Lewis Hamilton's fault for trying to mount Fernando Alonso, his front wing broke giving him a sudden burst of speed...

"It subsequently emerged that the aerodynamic "bridge" connecting the two sides of the front wing across the nose of the McLaren had failed a couple of seconds before he plunged into the back of the Spaniard. That gave Hamilton a fleeting rush of acceleration which carried him into his collision."

Bad day for Hamilton then, first he cannot figure out how to set knobs for the start then he forgets how to use the steering wheel all together.


  1. I remember the good old days when bullshit was actually believable.

    It must have been Massa's voodoo that took the wing, (that normally generates like 1000kg of downforce) clean off the car.

    Don't mess with Phil (as Hobbs likes to call him) Massa

  2. The Guardian used to have good sports writers !

  3. I can't keep a straight face....HAHAHAHAHAH.


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