April 6, 2008

Bahrain redux

Massive Massa, Raikkonen gave him all he had today (if you followed live timing you could see them trading fast laps). The BMW Saubers were fantastic as well.
But Hamilton was the star of the race, just not in a good way. As amazing as it may sound, some clowns in the British press were actually blaming his collision with Alonso on the Renault driver! Yeah...good one guys.


  1. I'm just thinking back to OZ and how 'great' some of Kimi's passing was LOL !

    It looks easy when the car is as well balanced as the current BMW or Ferrari. Anyway there are no great drivers in F1 at the moment, just very good ones.

  2. LouHam appears to be on the receiving end a great-big karma payback plan.

    That having been said, what is the actual tally of people that DC (aka Dudley Doright) has turned in on? 3? 4? 5?

    Someone needs to send him to the speedcar series before he slashes again.

  3. Hounder, I had the same thought. Apparently it's not his fault though...it's the Adrian Newey mirrors. :)

  4. Really? DC turned in? Lets give the old guy some credit, could he really have foreseen that boneheaded move by button?

  5. Yes...turned in. Button was more than half-way up DC's side when he turned in on him. Although Button's move was far from perfect DC could have taken a wider line and repassed Button's slower car coming off the smaller corner radius, in a practice known as racing.

    DC is no stranger to corner crashes...in fact his flying bull move last year on Alex Wurz is the reason for the new cockpit surrounds.

  6. As with the Massa incident, I disagree. Button lost control of his car and rammed DC... it just happened to look like a pass attempt.


  7. I think they both get low grades there. One for being stupidly optimistic, the other for being somewhat clueless.


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