April 5, 2008


Thought you might enjoy a peek at the Porsche supercar race that was run Saturday after the F1 qualifying. The 997 GT3 race cars sound great with the straight exhaust . What's amazing though is that as fantastic as these cars are on a wide open track like Sakir they look so slow compared to F1 cars. In fact the best SC times are 2:05 vs a 1:31 for the F1 cars which would lap the GT3's in about 4 laps.
Anyway, there is some nice action and fantastic in car clips. It's kind of long but worth a look and especially a listen...turn it up!

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  1. Actually, 1/3 more time per lap doesn't seem so bad, especially for a semi-road car. I went to the us gp in 06 and my greatest regret is that missed almost all of the support races and only caught a couple of laps of the Porsche cup, it looked like a great race.


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