April 4, 2008

Why Axis likes Kimi even more...

While Lewis Hamilton was the first driver to jump on the bandwagon and condemn Max Mosley, Kimi Raikkonen is quoted:

"It's his personal life and he can do whatever he wants and it's not really my business or anyone else's to put their noses in."

Right on Kimi!

Update: News of the World continues the attack. They pretty much come right out and say this is about payback for the Mclaren scandal. It would have been helpful to their case if the included pictures of a dominatrix wearing a "Nazi" uniform had not been wearing a mini skirt and what is plainly a Russian military cap... Also of course, they make no mention of how the video was obtained and who's was behind this whole scheme.

Finally, this whopper: "FORMULA One boss Max Mosley is a grotesque sexual deviant who acts out Nazi death-camp fetishes. No reasonable person who reads our exposés can doubt that."

Stay classy News of the World, stay classy.


  1. I don't really care what Max does in his "private time", but if this gives us an excuse to get rid of him, so much the better.

  2. If I had as many strip-club boobies in my face as Kimi, I'd go out with that statement as well!!

  3. So if he had been found to have photo's of nude kids on his computer it would still have been ok ? It's his private life isn't it...

    Bottom line is he's paid a ridiculous amount of money to do a job that requires him to set an example and conduct himself in a professional manner. HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE F.I.A. !!!!Partaking in S&M activities with Nazi dominatrix is slighty unfitting behavour IMO.

  4. Child porn is illegal, hookers are not in the UK. There was no "Nazi" anything in the video posted online. It's certainly embarrassing for him and he'll likely resign but the worse crime was his setup.

  5. http://www.sportspromedia.com/mosley.htm

    Please read the above article, I had been a Mosley supporter until finding it, but after reading this I cannot believe he and the FIA are are able even to keep a straight face about their supposed regulation of F1. This scandal is clearly a frightening attack on the privacy of an individual and the fact that the video released had no clear Nazi angle essentially proves there is no Nazi activity. If Mosley participated in any clear Nazi fetishism the paper would have released it in the video, but as it is they made a massively damaging claim and then went out of their way NOT to prove it. I am horrified that a private investigator can completely dismantle a man's life in this manner and that such a seedy paper's claims are trusted about this Nazi accusation. In the end it is sad that Mosley's despicable and public actions on behalf of Ecclestone go unpunished and and it is his illegally invaded private life that the F! community criticizes him for.

  6. I am the author of the above comment, and I'd like to add my appreciation for AC, you seem to be the only blogger that appreciates the scariest part of this story, the setup. Please checkout the article I linked to though, Mosley may not deserve to be ruined because of this scandal but he has certainly ruined the integrity of F1 and the FIA for Ecclestone's benefit.

  7. One more comment from the author of the last comment, addressed to the previous anonymous before me. Mosley is not paid at all as president of the FIA, in fact he had to give up many profitable ventures in F1 to become president. The move paid off though in '03 as Ecclestone gave him a gift of usd 300 million, just as Mosley moved to Monaco, read this article:

  8. I read the article linked above ( You can click here to read it ), thank you for posting it.
    While it is a fascinating read I think that, like a previous Tom Rubython article on the "forced retirement of Schumacher", it just seems to go a bit overboard with juicy but wild speculations. The homoerotic bit was one and especially the blackmailing of BMW was just bit much for me (BMW could have easily gone public and in fact an issue with side impact testing of the e60 was publicly known and eventually rectified).

    However, the article certainly draws a clear enough picture of why Mosley could have made enemies willing to go as far as they did.

    Now, who benefits the most from Mosley's embarrassment?

  9. Also make sure to check out Mike Lawrence's article over at pitpass.com:Follow the money


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