April 22, 2008

The Hole thing, Ferrari's nose explained.

You may have seen this animation from Gazzetta Dello Sport. But maybe your Italian is not as fluent as you wish it would be and you "just gotta know...". Fear not, Axis is here.

Paraphrasing the narrator: a channel joins the lower section of the nose to the upper, with an inverted profile wing inserted at the channel's exit. The basic purpose of this configuration is to relieve the negative effects of the high pressure area under the nose which creates an aerodynamic obstruction as the speed increases.

So this week end in Spain, if this works, look for a more efficient Ferrari front wing with less drag for increased top speed. What I find most interesting about this "inboard" solution is that it perhaps shows the way aero development will take when and if all the winglets, bargeboards, bunny ears and spoilers are eliminated.


  1. This vid doesn't show up on my IE browser, either. Seems to be this post and the one before it.
    further down I can see them fine...


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