April 21, 2008

I'm a retard and my neck hurts.

No, I did not crash... but it's amazing how thick those winter cobwebs are and how quickly your track day routines can be forgotten.

I was with Freep at Pocono Raceway on Friday, instructing with the NY BMW CCA. First day on the track for me this year and that, combined with instructor, duty made for one "casual" trackday! I think I checked my tire pressure once the whole day, forget temperature or suspension settings.

I went all ready to record video, get data...the work, but over the winter I forgot completely how much space a ChaseCam recording takes on the CF card and as I result I went out twice (in the more interesting sessions naturally) with no space and recorded a big fat zero. Ironically the only video I did manage to get was on the little unit I use now as a aiming screen. Turns out that while the recording quality on the PV 500 is pretty lousy, it will record forever on a 2 gig card.

Pocono North is not the most exiting track but it does have the kind of long, tight corners which the only M Coupe with Kumho V710 is perfectly happy to take in the 1.1 to 1.4 g range. Thus the sore neck!

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If you click on the picture below, a new window should pop up with the running data for my best lap of the day, a 1:00.185. This is really not bad considering the casual day and the year old tires, last year with sticker V710 I had a :59.xxx and I was certainly trying harder.

If you want to look at the full session you can download the Traqmate data file HERE (free Traqview software on Traqmate site).

The video is not especially exciting, Pocono being so huge and featureless but if you are going to be driving there at some point it's always useful to get a look at the track.

I chose a couple of laps where you at least see some other cars. Two of the faster cars in the instructor group were Ernie Lombardo's J Prepared BMW e30M3 and a black 944 Turbo (I did not get the chance to meet the driver). We got the chance to chase each other around a few times.


  1. The vid doesn't show up on my IE browser :(

  2. Just this one or all the Vimeo clips?

    Sometimes it's server that farts, But if you can see youTube you should have no issues with Vimeo


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