April 15, 2008

Ferrari nose job....and other news from Spain.

The rumored new nose we had discussed back in January has finally made it's first open appearance during the test in Barcellona. Must work well: on the first day, Felipe Massa was three seconds in front of Nick Heidfeld's BMW! (I'm guessing more likely because of full slicks.)

I don't even know what to say about Honda's latest Easter Bunny inspired aero design.... Maybe it's designed to make David Coulthard laugh and allow Jenson Button to make a clean pass!

On the second day, the ears came off slicks and bunny ears on we find Barrichello on top of the charts with 1:18.9 (Massa had a 1:18.3 Monday) followed by Fisichella and Massa. Alonso was the only driver who set times without slicks

Here are some more pictures by Angel Gil and Branimir Alexandrov via theF1.com


  1. Actually on day 2, massa, hamilton, hedfeld,alonso and glock posted their lap times on grooves+2008 aero.

    Fishichella and wurz posted theirs on slicks and 2008 aero.

    The conditions were better today so the lap times were down by 1 second average compared to yesterday.

  2. Ah so Bunny Barrichello was going for headline action!

  3. What are those tall things on top of the camera pods above the drivers' heads? In the pics posted only a few cars have them. Some testing apparatus?

  4. They must be antennas that transmit more data than allowed or is feasible to have during a race.


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