April 14, 2008

Kart Krazy

...karts are perfectly safe of course... kind of.
6 minutes of tiny wheeled nuttiness for you.
(A sharp eyed tracktard reader, Birel186, noticed a young Jarno Trulli in third place on the podium at about 1:00. He's the guy in the green suit just before the podium chicks get the champagne shower....nice catch Birel!)


  1. That's Fisichella I think in chasing the leader @ 7:53

  2. Well, it's Fisichella helmet, but in 93 Fisico was racing Formula 3. Then again Schumacher competed in the kart World championship when he was at Ferrari (he came in second).

  3. Depending on what race it was, it COULD've been Fisi.

    I've watched a few of the World Champ rounds from that era and it seems those guys do race in the big races as a one-off.


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