April 16, 2008

Zee Germans

Autocar compared the 997 GT3 with the C6-Z06. While the Corvette is about half the price, their power to weight ratios are closer than you might think. Stee, who is good with numbers, figures it something like this:

Porsche 997 Gt2
530 hp at the crank, 15% loss so 450hp at the wheels.
3175lbs curb weight +200lbs driver equals 3375lbs /450 = 7.5 to 1

Corvette Z06
505 hp at the crank, 17% loss makes for 420hp on the ground.
3132lbs curb + our driver 3332lbs/420= 7.9 to 1

That does not immediately explain the video.
(direct any eventual hate mail to harris@autocar.co.uk)


  1. "Why don't you just... go. And I go as soon as I see that wheel move."

    My sides hurt from laughing.

  2. I wonder if Porsche is under stating their HP?


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