March 20, 2008

Postcard from Malaysia

We know we have global community of tracktards and racing fans who check in so we are happy to give you driver interviews in at least four languages. English, Spanish Finnish and Polish (we know we have some Polish readers).

Seems the paddock was chuckling at Dave Coulthard threatening unspeakable things at little Felipe. Robert Kubica certainly was, looking surprised and amused discussing (in fluent Italian) the "kick three colors of s*i^..." quote with his friend.

Alonso looks to have regained his sense of humor and at the same time is very realistic about Renault's speed. Hamilton is acting coy but predicting total domination. Nick Heidfeld looks like he got lost on the way to South Beach. A Malaysian Policeman gives the "shocker" sign.

Enjoy this postcard from the Malaysian paddock.

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