March 21, 2008

Voodoo Suspension

Coulthard better stop messing with Massa.

Looks like Brazilian fans of the little guy put some serious macumba voodoo on square jaw kilt boy's front suspension making it shatter like glass just as the scot was practicing his moving chicane technique! (ok, ok, officially he went off track when a track rod failed... mysteriously)

That left David kicking tree colors of sh*! out of his rear tires rather than the little ferrarista.


  1. Interesting the front right wheel tether failed miserably.


  2. Well the self destruct button works, lets try building a car that works.

  3. That's a lot of new CF control arms Red bull has used up in two weeks

  4. "premiere live" interesting, F1 broadcast without commentary? Not sure if I like that better but definitely different.

    Where is that from? Also the quality looks to be pretty high and in wide screen is the original in HD?

  5. It's a German satellite channel. They offer a multi feed packeage where you get different commetaries, life timing, in car channels etc.

    I would gladly pay for that service here given the opportunity.


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