March 20, 2008

"Baby" Ferrari not so baby after all.

Remember the spy shots we had for you in early February? In a cruel blow to wanna be Ferrari owners worldwide, Maranello is confirming the F149, a front engined V8 GT will in fact be priced above the F430, slotting below the 612 Scaglietti both in size and price. Still on track for the Paris auto show and for sale in 2009.

(the red car in the picture is just a placeholder photoshop of course...)


  1. The front looks like an Aston, and the rear fender looks like a tumor.

  2. Its a baby 599. Ferrari figured correctly that people were paying a HUGE premium for the 599 (MSRP + markup), that left a hole big enough for another GT oriented model (specially one with a retractable roof).

    The Baby Ferrari is still in the works: Midengine, lighter than the F430. not sure it will be sure.. at least not in USD!!

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  5. The car sure is beautifulllll but I am not dissapointed that it's gonna be priced above F149,
    why at present I couldn't buy this thing even if Ferrari was selling it for 1000$... :)


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