March 1, 2008

Elephant Stoppers

Thanks to "anonymous" for the tip, this fits right in with the discussions we were having among us about how do you stop a 3900lbs car with performance figures like the Nissan GT-R:
under the wheels, a little bit of Italy takes care of what must be the hardest work on that car!

Notice also true two piece floating rotors, at least on the front. Massive given those are 20 inch wheels.

While I despise the 3900lbs, at least it looks like Nissan tried to provide proper anchors for their speedy behemoth. Other companies take note, denial is not a river in Egypt but in Northern Italy!

Autoblog has some high resolution pictures of a J-spec GT-R. The engineering may be impressive, but that has to be the worse interior ever in that price range, ouch!


  1. Axis Full Disclosure:

    AC was born and raised in Milano, Italy. If this report seems biased (perhaps because it's an unqualified endorsement of the GT-R's braking system without any system specifications), it is.


  2. It's new to me but I'm sure track-tards like axisofoversteer are already running nitrogen in place of air when inflating r-comps a la GT-R.


  3. Nah, too much trouble so far, but I am considering it for race weekends.


  4. Nitrogen??? Pffft. That's old school,

    I will only run 26% Tetrafluoroethane, 22% Pentafluoroethane, 2% Trifluoroethane with 50% CO2 of course! :o)


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