February 28, 2008

More racing we never get to see: Super GT

Super GT is something like a Japanese DTM except with a lot more variety an excitement.  OK, cheering for a Toy Story Racing apr MR-S or maybe the Zent SC or the fancy Arta Garaiya may seem a bit unusual outside of GranTurismo 4,  but c'mon, just check out these race cars, they are insane!      
Couple that with some extremely dooshy driving (check out the end of part2) and you have the makings of great entertainment, or at least a fun highlight reel!!!  

Enjoy these two long clips summing up the 2007 season.   
(music was not my choice...I apologize to the techno intolerant out there)


  1. hahah, you think SuperGT has 'dooshy' driving, just watch clips of last year's DTM.

    SuperGT racing is awesome and the racers are talented as well. Many of the SuperGT guys also race in Formula Nippon.

    You can find some pretty good on-board action of SuperGT on youtube. :)

  2. Maybe you can update the blog with the upcoming Nismo GT-R. There are hi-res photos on Autoblog and the GT-R is insane.


  3. Ok so far weve got DTM and SuperGT, V8 supercars next?


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