February 6, 2008

Open Passing

Continuing our series leading up to the start of track season, let me wax poetic about the joys of open track and open passing.

Simply put, this is why you want to stop sucking and get good. It's quite a different experience from the more widely held "Driver's school" track days, only advanced drivers can attend and in the best of them, rules are very simple: if you are an ass, you go home. That's it.

We have done a number of events with organizations like Group 52 and they have just been spectacular.

In the video you will ride along with two Italian tracktards from Track4fun.com, Zampa and Luke. See how much fun can be had when capable but especially, AWARE drivers are on track together.
Some of the antics you will see would get you banned from US "we don't do sideways here" club organizations, but in the right context it's absolutely fine.

A note on open passing. I feel that open passing in a track day is potentially safer than the "point by" in that it forces everyone, the passer and the passed, to stay situationally aware.

Enjoy this great video and incidentally, if you do speak Italian, the comments are hilarious.

For history buffs, the track is Dijon, the same of the mythical Villeneuve-Arnoux duel of 1979.


  1. These guys sure drive the 911 chassis better than the Best Motoring clowns.


  2. Nonsense. Everyone knows that if it appears on a Japanese market video, it's as if God himself has written on stone tablets.

  3. The FIA has just warned the Axis over the shocking tone of the previous two posts!


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