February 5, 2008

"Baby" Ferrari 2+2 spyshot

I don't know that the "big boys" web sites have these yet.

They come from a reader of Italy's Quattroruote magazine squashing the rumors of a "baby" mid engine Ferrari.

Two spy shots and a photoshop of what the latest theories call a 2+2 rigid drop-top, a solution already considered and abandoned for the car that went on to become the Maserati Gran Turismo.

Quattroruote reader Alessio Chiappini snapped these and describes the car as being "about 50cm shorter than a Scaglietti" also testing at Fiorano that day.

The top secret Ferrari "911 fighter" will reportedly be presented in October at the Paris auto show.


  1. wow!!! You guys are on it!!

    Thanks for sharing. I'll take mine with the F1 box and daytona seats!

  2. I'm still not sure how this will fit in the Ferrari/Maserati/Alfa Romeo lineup. If it's a 2+2 drop top priced in the mid $100K then why would anyone buy the Maserati GT?

    If it's a 2 seater then it's not in the Aston/997 Turbo class....

    If it's a true "baby" performance front mid engine then it's not going to have a folding roof...



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