February 7, 2008

Ham Hard on Tires?

Just a quick F1 bit, check out Ferrari sporting director Luca Baldisserri again wondering how Lewis Hamilton might cope with not having electronic nannies. Interviewed in Bahrein he said:

"I don't know how they (Mclaren) have approached not having tractions control and engine braking etc. but, from what we analyzed last year, Hamilton's driving style seemed a little...ah, quite heavy and hard on the rear tires, I had guessed he may have some issues this year" he then grinned "It's up to Mclaren to solve these problems"

Ferrari has been running quite smoothly in Bahrein as I'm sure you have read. The mood is optimistic and low key. Meanwhile back in the UK, as I suspected, newspapers and web sites just can not help but fuel the Hamilton insult hysteria.

Today Autosport had an article about racism but they had a picture of a fans displaying a comical anti Hamilton banner. Nice going guys, maybe next you can call for the FIA to ban a nation if Mclaren gets so much as boo'd on the track?
(edit: the Carnival costume theory was correct)
"Shut up and drive" was the winning formula last year.

Ham Hard on tires from AxisOfOversteer.com on Vimeo.


  1. Why do Ferrari fans always have to be asshats? "Shut up and be lucky" was the motto last year btw. "It's up to Mclaren to solve these problems" - Translation: It's up to McLaren to come up with an illegal traction control device like we have. Twats.

  2. Ferrari have an illegal traction control device already? do tell!

    I will have to disagree with you about last year, I don't think luck had anything to do with Hamilton destroying his rear tires...

  3. I am not sure if it is the attitude of the whole Ferrari, but Kimi has always been kind of "shut up and drive quick" guy. And good on him !

    Unfortunatelly I can't understand anything from the interview :-) don't you want subtitle it ? :-)

  4. the quote is a translation of the interview...

  5. Hamilton does ask more of his rear tyres than other drivers. The upside is that we get to enjoy him control a car at its very limit with full on oversteer and opposite lock. The downside is that with the removal of traction control in 2008, he could struggle during races, especially on the softer compounds.


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